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How does your e-Commerce brand benefit from sending out email campaigns?

Email marketing campaigns allow your brand to stay top of mind with your target audience by delivering fresh email content to your email list on a regular basis.
Email campaigns work alongside your automated email flows, by sending engaging email content to your list in between the customer journey automated emails they receive.
Having a comprehensive email campaign strategy that aligns with your brand's marketing calendar comes with numerous benefits:
Welcome email for a new subscriber
Browse abandonment email
Curated content newsletter
Cart abandonment email
Discount offer email
Back-in-stock email
Welcome email for a new customer
Order confirmation email
Shipping status update email
Feedback request email
Review request email
Product education email
Replenishment email
Cross-sell email
Upsell email
Loyalty program email
Refer-a-friend email
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What are email campaigns?

An email campaign is an email that you send to your audience manually — instead of being triggered into an email automation by the subscribers' actions.
Typically an e-Commerce business will schedule a series of campaign emails throughout the month so your email list is consistently getting updated information about your product and brand.
Each email campaign has one main call to action, which is in line with the campaign’s purpose and goal. The email campaign needs to be strategically crafted so the recipient is motivated to take action.
To setup your email campaign for success, you need:
An email marketing tool that meets your needs.
A clean list of contacts built over time.
An email marketing campaign strategy.
Ideally, a team to manage your email campaign calendar from start to finish.

For maximum results, each email campaign needs a subject line that sparks curiosity so they open the email, engaging content relevant to your target audience, and a call to action button for your subscriber to take action.

Is your marketing team ready to take over your email campaign management?

With limited resources and knowledge of email marketing, creating an email campaign strategy and managing a monthly campaign calendar can be truly overwhelming.

Speak to one of our email experts to take this burden off your shoulders by allowing No Limit Email to take over full email campaign management. 

Our expertise in e-commerce email marketing will help you reach your target audience with messages that build trust, increase conversion, and boost revenue all through campaign emails and SMS.

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There are a lot of types of email campaigns that drive revenue and retention

You could start with an extensive list of different email campaign types. Still, you should only pick the ones that considerably increase your chances of obtaining the desired customer behavior and achieving brand goals.

We tailor our email campaign services to help you nail each email campaign type and cover the entire customer lifecycle:

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Let’s create email campaigns that convert

Our full-service email marketing agency is 100% dedicated to the e-commerce niche.
The process behind our tailored email marketing campaign services helps you increase ROI while keeping your audience engaged and happy.

We use the best e-commerce tools to set up email campaigns for success

We leverage our team’s extensive knowledge of Klaviyo and other e-commerce tools to efficiently manage email campaigns that help your brand and customers thrive.

Scale up your profits by letting an email marketing agency manage your campaigns

We’re here to offer you tailored email marketing campaign services that help you create email campaigns your prospects and customers love and scale your e-commerce business profitability.

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