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Setup your e-Commerce business for success with smart Email Automations

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Build email automations around your customer lifecycle to create personalized customer experiences and achieve your revenue goals

Email automation is a powerful way of increasing your store’s revenue on autopilot. Automated email flows run 24/7 to support and speed up revenue goal achievements and create perfectly synchronized and personalized customer experiences.
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What is email automation?

Email automation is an effective way to send pre-created emails to your target audience, eliminating manual work.
Automated email marketing helps you maintain timely, personalized communication with prospects, customers, and loyalists by setting specific action triggers based on behaviour data, preferences, and purchase history.
Your email automation platform is the foundation for successfully implementing your email strategy:
Define the customer lifecycle stage you want to target.
Choose triggers and filters to include or exclude segments.
Use conditional logic to create customized paths.
Determine the number of actions needed to generate conversions.
Set the perfect timing to maximize the outcome of your emails.
Your email automation platform is the foundation for successfully implementing your email strategy:
If your answer is "no", you're losing many opportunities to:
Convert new prospects into customers.
Improve retention rates.
Increase the number of loyal customers.
Improve customer lifetime value.

Partner with our email marketing automation agency to put your email marketing on autopilot and build a fast way to boost your business revenue.

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What are the email automations your eCommerce brand needs?

Let a dedicated email automation team help you set up all the foundational automated email flows that your brand needs to maximize the performance of your email marketing strategy. Let’s go through the list of flows, shall we?

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Get expert help to create email automations that convert

Our email marketing automation agency is dedicated to creating custom solutions for your e-commerce brand.

The process that we've built helps us create the perfect automation your brand needs to increase ROI from email marketing.

1. discovery

NLE deep dives into your brand to understand your customers lifecycle journey.

2. strategy

Based on the findings in our audit, we craft a custom email/SMS strategy that is going to get your brand to the end goal.

3. development

The NLE team take over your Klaviyo account and execute the technical, creative, and analytical deliverables outlined in our project roadmap.

4. launch

Emails and SMS go out to your subscribers so our team can collect and analyse data and conduct AB tests to optimise performance.

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We leverage the best e-commerce tools to set email automation for success

Other email automation companies use email marketing tools that can be expensive but don’t always necessarily fit the brand's needs.

We only partner with the most cutting-edge tech applications that provide our brand's value when building our email automation.

Partner with us to set up the perfect email automation ecosystem that becomes a sustainable source of revenue growth.

We're ready to work as an extension of your in-house marketing department and scale your e-commerce business profitably with automated email marketing.

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